Hyper-personal digital journey design
and development
Single Journey
Brands, especially in travel and retail, deliver a one-size-fits-all (or batch-and-blast) digital experience and the channels are siloed. Low relevance leads to low engagement and loss of audience. ROI is far below what it could be.
Segmented Journey
Brands, especially in financial services, broadly group consumers, such as prospects versus existing customer, and create separate digital experiences for each—but still with siloed channels. The consumer connection is shallow, resulting in limited engagement and lost cross sell–upsell successes.
Dynamic Journey
Brands deliver one-off instances of relevance, ranging from landing pages from search and display ads to email messages with personalized content. This offers a base level of relevance with improved ROI over segmented journeys, but does not scale beyond single pages or individual emails, and is extremely labor intensive to manage.
This is the here and now of ROI-driven marketing. Busy consumers expect—and will engage with—brands that understand their individual mindsets and adapt to their specific purchase decisions.

We work with our clients to analyze different audience mindsets, transforming data into smarter, more relevant, and more sustained experiences across every channel. The result? Much higher conversion rates and deeper, more profitable relationships.
Contextualized Experiences
Profile Scoring
Design Logic
Data Empowerment
Mobile Mobile
Live Agent
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